Excel Shortcut To Strike Through Text

Key Takeaway:

  • Excel shortcuts can save you time and effort when formatting your spreadsheets. Using the strikethrough feature in Excel is a great way to visually indicate information that is no longer relevant or needs to be changed.
  • The strikethrough feature is easy to use in Excel. Simply highlight the text you want to strike through, right-click on the highlighted text, and select format cells. From there, select the font tab and check the strikethrough box.
  • Using the Excel shortcut to strikethrough text can further increase productivity. The shortcut key combination is CTRL + 5, which does not require the use of a mouse and can be done quickly and efficiently.

Struggling to cross out text in Excel? Don’t worry, you can easily strike through text using an Excel shortcut. Easily mark off task completions or indicate any changes needed with this handy shortcut. You won’t have to manually go through your entire spreadsheet again!

Navigating the Excel Worksheet

Use your mouse or arrow keys to move around the worksheet. Right or down, use the arrow keys; left or up, use Shift+arrow key.
Ctrl+Home takes you to the top-left corner of the worksheet. Ctrl+End takes you to the bottom-right corner. Splitting panes is another way to navigate large worksheets. Select ‘View’ on the Ribbon and click ‘Freeze Panes’. This lets you view rows and columns simultaneously while scrolling.

Familiarize yourself with Excel functions and formulas. Learn to insert and delete rows and columns, and also change width and height. Practice! Mastering this skill will save you time and effort.

Excel Shortcuts – a skill for productivity – is next!

How to Use Excel Shortcuts

Do you want to turbocharge your productivity? Wonder how to use Excel Shortcuts? Let’s start with the basics.

Copy: Ctrl + C; Paste: Ctrl + V; Cut: Ctrl + X; Undo: Ctrl + Z; Redo: Ctrl + Y. Select the shortcuts that work best for you. For example, use Ctrl + Shift + Enter if you often use formulas.

Take time to practice them. It may take a few tries to get used to shortcuts, but keep it up until it becomes second nature.

Now, here’s a specific example. Highlight the text you want to strikethrough and press Ctrl + 5. You’ll save time and energy! Don’t miss out – give Excel Shortcuts a go today.

Plus, did you know you can use strikethrough text to edit or revise your data? Learn more in our upcoming article.

Strikethrough Text: What You Need to Know

Work with Excel wisely by manipulating data efficiently. Strikethrough text is an Excel tool to highlight cell data without deleting. Here’s all you need to know about strikethrough text in Excel.

We’ll discuss what it is and when it’s useful. Then, we’ll get into a step-by-step guide for using it properly. Finally, we’ll share an Excel shortcut to make the process faster.

Let’s learn how to use this powerful tool for data management!

Understanding Strikethrough Text in Excel

Select the cell or range of cells where you want to use strikethrough formatting. Right-click and select “Format Cells” from the context menu. In the Format Cells dialog box, click on “Font”. Under Effects, choose “Strikethrough”.

Understanding Strikethrough Text in Excel is helpful for financial statements, budgets, and spreadsheets with running totals. It can be used to update sales amounts or costs, and keep track of changes without deleting old figures.

It is important to align strikethrough formatting with company policies or conventions. To avoid confusion, decide if strikethrough means deletion or reference for old data.

Pro Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+5) to quickly apply strikethrough formatting.

Step-by-Step Guide: Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use strikethrough formatting.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Strikethrough Text

Select your text. Go to the ‘Home’ tab or right-click on the text box. Select ‘Font’.
In the font dialog box, choose ‘Strikethrough’ from the Effects section. Click ‘OK’. Done! The text is now crossed out.

It’s easy. This technique is used around the world. It clearly shows an action’s correction or deletion.

Do you know Microsoft Excel’s shortcut key for striking off texts?
It’s “Ctrl + 5”. Excel also has other great features, like sorting data, generating charts, and entering complex equations.

How to Use Excel Shortcut to Strikethrough Text

Strikethrough text in Excel can be a great way to cross out words, numbers, or any other data. Here’s how:

  1. Select the cell(s).
  2. Press “Ctrl+1”.
  3. Check the “Strikethrough” option in the Format Cells dialog box.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Or use a keyboard shortcut – “Ctrl+5”.

These methods let you quickly add or remove strikethrough formatting without manual editing. It’s also a useful way to show changes made in real-time, by indicating what has been deleted or replaced.

Microsoft first released Excel in 1985, as part of its Office Suite. It’s now one of the most used office and data processing software applications worldwide.

Benefits of using strikethrough text include many advantages worth exploring!

Benefits of Using Strikethrough Text

Spreadsheets? Ugh! I wanted a better way to track completed tasks and remove items. Then, I discovered a fantastic Excel shortcut. All it takes is a few clicks to strikethrough text. It’s time-saving and provides big benefits. Let me explain why strikethrough text is crucial and how it can help your Excel spreadsheets.

Why Using Strikethrough Text is Important

Strikethrough text is important as it lets you show certain info needs to be removed or isn’t relevant, without deleting it. This saves time and effort if you need to refer back or keep a record of changes.


  • Organization & Clarity – Strikethrough text helps distinguish current and outdated info, making documents easier to read.
  • Saves Time – No need to delete old info and re-enter new, strikethrough text makes it simple to keep a record.
  • Adds Context – When revising work, strikethrough can show why certain changes were made.
  • Tracks Progress – Keeping track of what’s been done with strikethrough text can help everyone stay on the same page.
  • Prevents Errors – By striking through old info instead of deleting it, you reduce the risk of accidental removal.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Adding a different visual element or highlighting words with strikethrough can be beneficial.

Using strikethrough text in Excel has several advantages, like tracking changes in a cell, quickly analyzing data, detecting errors & incompatibilities, and showing stats in a document. We’ll now see how these benefits can be applied to real-world scenarios for easier and quicker work.

Advantages of Strikethrough Text in Excel

Strikethrough text in Excel has many advantages. It helps readers focus on updated information and quickly identify obsolete data. It’s time-saving too! Plus, it improves communication when exchanging files with others.

It’s not just for formatting cells. Strikethrough adds context to prevent errors and misunderstanding when collaborating. Quickly identifying which data is struck through helps decision-makers analyze and interpret data sets faster.

To apply Strikethrough: select the cell and click font options on the Home tab of the ribbon menu. Select ‘Strikethrough‘ in the dialogue box and save the changes. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + 5‘.

Summary of the Key Points in the Article

Looking for a fast way to cross-out text in Excel? This article can help! It provides a simple solution using Excel shortcuts. Here’s the 3 steps:

  1. Highlight the text to be crossed-out.
  2. Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘5.’
  3. The text will be crossed-out.

Using Excel shortcuts saves time when dealing with documents that have a lot of data. Plus, there’s more formatting techniques than just strikethroughs. Check them out!

Five Well-Known Facts About Excel Shortcut to Strike Through Text:

  • ✅ The shortcut to strike through text in Excel is “Ctrl” + “5”.
  • ✅ This shortcut works to apply or remove strikethrough formatting to selected text.
  • ✅ Strikethrough formatting is commonly used to indicate deleted or no longer relevant information in a spreadsheet.
  • ✅ This formatting can also be applied to individual cells or an entire row or column in Excel.
  • ✅ Other common text formatting shortcuts in Excel include “Ctrl” + “B” for bold and “Ctrl” + “I” for italic.

FAQs about Excel Shortcut To Strike Through Text

What is the Excel shortcut to strike through text?

The Excel shortcut to strike through text is “Ctrl + 5”.

Can I use a different key combination for the Excel shortcut to strike through text?

Yes, you can customize keyboard shortcuts in Excel. To change the shortcut for strikethrough, go to “File” > “Options” > “Customize Ribbon” > “Keyboard Shortcuts” and select “All Commands” from the dropdown menu. Find “Strikethrough” and assign a new key combination.

Does the Excel shortcut to strike through text work in both Windows and Mac?

Yes, the Excel shortcut to strike through text works in both Windows and Mac versions of Excel.

Can I use the Excel shortcut to strike through text to un-strike text?

No, the Excel shortcut to strike through text only applies the strikethrough formatting. To remove strikethrough, you can select the text and click on the “Strikethrough” button in the “Font” group on the “Home” tab, or use the “Ctrl + 5” shortcut again.

Can I apply strikethrough to multiple cells at once using the Excel shortcut?

Yes, you can select multiple cells or a range of cells, and use the “Ctrl + 5” shortcut to apply strikethrough formatting to all selected cells.

Is there a way to undo the Excel shortcut to strike through text?

Yes, you can use the “Ctrl + Z” shortcut to undo the last action in Excel, including the strikethrough formatting applied using the “Ctrl + 5” shortcut.