Excel Keyboard Shortcut For Strikethrough

Key Takeaway:

  • Strikethrough is a useful feature in Excel for indicating that certain data is no longer relevant or has been revised. It can be applied to cell contents, rows, or columns.
  • To use the strikethrough feature in Excel, first select the cell(s) containing the data you want to strikethrough. Next, navigate to the Excel ribbon, where you can find the strikethrough button in the Font group under the Home tab. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut to quickly apply strikethrough.
  • The Excel keyboard shortcut for strikethrough on Windows system is “Ctrl + 5”, while on Mac OS it is “Command + Shift + X”. These keyboard shortcuts are quicker than navigating through the Excel ribbon and can save time when working with large amounts of data.

Worried about manually striking out text in Excel? You’re in luck! This post provides an easy and efficient keyboard shortcut to help you quickly strikethrough any text. Save time and make the tedious task of editing easier!

Understanding Strikethrough Functionality in Excel

Understand Strikethrough in Excel!

Do you use Microsoft Excel? It can take a while to format your data. But, there’s a keyboard shortcut to quickly add Strikethrough! This means you can draw a line through selected cells – showing that the info is no longer relevant or deleted.

To use Strikethrough, select cells and press the keyboard shortcut. This will add a line through the text. You can also use the shortcut to remove strikethrough from text that has it.

This shortcut saves time when you have large sets of data. No need to format each cell! Strikethrough also helps communicate changes in data to others.

To improve Excel skills, try keyboard shortcuts. Memorize the common ones and practice using them. You can even create custom shortcuts for functions you use often. Go to “Quick Access Toolbar” and select “Customize Quick Access Toolbar.” Select the function and choose the key combination you want.

Start using keyboard shortcuts in Excel and save time, reduce errors, and be more productive. Try the Strikethrough function!

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How to Use the Strikethrough Feature in Excel

Do you want to learn how to use strikethrough in Excel? Look here! I’ll show you two different methods. Use the ribbon or keyboard shortcuts. Both methods have their own advantages. Like, saving time and customizing Excel! Let’s dive in and master the art of Excel strikethrough!

How to Use the Strikethrough Feature in Excel-Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough,

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Utilizing the Ribbon for Strikethrough

To utilize the Ribbon for strikethrough in Excel, select the cell/cells you wish to format. Then, click on the Home tab in the ribbon at the top of your screen. Look for the Font section and click the ‘abc’ icon labeled Strikethrough.

This will apply strikethrough formatting. To remove it, click the same icon again.

Utilizing the Ribbon for Strikethrough makes text formatting easier for users. It is great for spreadsheets requiring calculations or monitoring changes. It also helps important data stand out and enhances readability.

Strikethrough formatting was first introduced in 1987 with Microsoft Office 1.0! It has been part of computer programs since the 1970s.

Finally, you can also use Keyboard Shortcuts for Strikethrough for efficiency in Excel.

Implementing Keyboard Shortcuts for Strikethrough

Creating a Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough in Excel is simple! First, click the ‘File’ tab at the top left of the sheet. Then, select ‘Options’ followed by ‘Customize Ribbon’. Scroll down and choose ‘Commands Not in the Ribbon’.

From the list, select ‘Strikethrough’ and click ‘Add>>’. You’ll be prompted to create a keyboard shortcut. Take care to not choose one that conflicts with any existing shortcuts in Excel.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Strikethrough is a great way to save time. Rather than searching through multiple clicks each time, a few keystrokes can do the job! PCMag.com states that shortcuts are necessary when working with large amounts of data. Consequently, setting up Keyboard Shortcuts for Strikethrough can boost efficiency.

With this feature enabled, users can use their chosen keys from anywhere in the spreadsheet, leading to even greater productivity! Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough is the way to go!

Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough

I’m thrilled to tell you about some keyboard shortcuts I found really useful for formatting Excel spreadsheets. Although many of us know the basics like bold and italics, there’s one formatting feature we often forget – strikethrough. We’ll take a look at the Excel keyboard shortcut for it, saving you time. We’ll see how it works on Windows and Mac OS, noticing the differences and similarities. So let’s get started and save time with these keyboard shortcuts!

Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough-Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough,

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Strikethrough on Windows System

To use Strikethrough in Excel, locate the “Font” tab on the Home ribbon. Click it and select the “Strikethrough” option. You should now see a line through the chosen text or cell.

For a faster way, highlight the content you want to apply the effect to, then press “Ctrl” and “5” simultaneously.

Using Strikethrough shows changes to data or completed tasks. It can help save time and increase efficiency at work. In the next paragraph, we’ll discuss how to do Strikethrough on Mac OS.

Strikethrough on Mac OS


  1. Select the cell(s) you want to strikethrough.
  2. Go to the ‘Format’ menu in the main menu bar at the top of your screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, scroll down and select ‘Font’.
  4. In the Font dialog box, check the option for ‘Strikethrough’ under the Effects tab next to Underline.
  5. Checkmark the Strikethrough option.
  6. Click ‘OK’.

Take it one step ahead.

Strikethrough on Mac OS is useful for making changes in excel spreadsheets. But, sometimes it might be needed to review text without visible strikethroughs. To hide stricken-through text, use Conditional Formatting rules instead of manual formatting with Strikethsrough option. It depends on a list or quantity like (greater than or less than 0).

Five Facts About Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough:

  • ✅ The keyboard shortcut for Strikethrough in Excel is “Ctrl” + “5”. (Source: Microsoft)
  • ✅ Strikethrough is a formatting option used to cross out cells or data in Excel. (Source: Excel Easy)
  • ✅ Strikethrough can be used to indicate that data or cells are no longer relevant or outdated. (Source: Ablebits)
  • ✅ Strikethrough can be used in combination with other formatting options, such as bold or underline, for emphasis. (Source: Excel Campus)
  • ✅ You can also assign a custom keyboard shortcut to Strikethrough in Excel using the “Customize Ribbon” option. (Source: BetterCloud)

FAQs about Excel Keyboard Shortcut For Strikethrough

What is the Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough?

The Excel Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough is Ctrl + 5. It allows you to quickly apply strikethrough formatting to selected cells or text.

Can I customize the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough in Excel?

Yes, you can customize the Keyboard Shortcut for Strikethrough in Excel. Go to File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Customize Keyboard Shortcuts. Then, in the Categories list, select “Home Tab.” In the Commands list, select “Strikethrough” and choose a new Keyboard Shortcut.

What is the purpose of using Strikethrough in Excel?

Using strikethrough in Excel allows you to visually identify and communicate data changes or deletions. It is a formatting option that applies a line through the selected text, indicating that it has been removed or marked for deletion.

Can you apply Strikethrough formatting to part of a cell in Excel?

Yes, you can apply Strikethrough formatting to part of a cell in Excel. Simply select the text within the cell that you want to strike through, and then use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + 5. The strikethrough formatting will be applied only to the selected text.

How do I remove Strikethrough formatting in Excel?

To remove Strikethrough formatting in Excel, select the cells or text with the formatting and use the Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl + 5 again. This will toggle the Strikethrough formatting on and off.

Can Strikethrough formatting be copied and pasted in Excel?

Yes, Strikethrough formatting can be copied and pasted in Excel. Select the cell or text with the Strikethrough formatting, Copy it, and then Paste it into the desired location. The Strikethrough formatting will be maintained in the new location.